Partner with us

Want to earn money for your sport? We offer a unique partnership programme for sports organisations that offers on-going benefits just for helping your members to upgrade their uniforms with us!

Our Money for Sport programme is open to all sporting organisations with a minimum of 20 teams associated to them. You could be a local or regional sports organisation, a club, or a venue that hosts team sport (i.e. an indoor sports centre that hosts indoor netball, cricket, football, etc).

How it works

You fill out a simple application form advising us of who you are and what you do, we then check against existing members of the programme to ensure minimal conflict. From there, if your application is approved we will provide you with an agreement, several ordering documents, a unique order code, and you can begin to take orders!


  • 10% commission earnt on the first order from every new customer who uses your unique code
  • 5% commission earnt on ALL subsequent orders from this customer, for the length of time you remain in the programme (providing code is used)
  • No restriction to the size of the order or payment amount (i.e. a $10,000 order from a new customer using your code will result in a $1,000 payment to you)
  • No restriction on the amount of times you receive a commission payment per customer - so long as you remain in the programme you will receive payments for orders!
  • Special member only promotions and competitions
  • We provide you with promotional material - text for newsletters, posters, flyers, graphics for your website and anything else you need to assist with promotion

Sign up today!

Opportunities are limited regionally - if you are interested in either being involved or supporting our partner in your region please contact us.